I now have my very own domain (although I’ll leave this one up for emergencies) – I just couldn’t resist the urge to use my own design, and it also allows me to host and share downloads temporarily should any of the free hosting services I use screw up.

So you’ll now find me at

If you link to me (or want to add me) please use this one from now on.

All of the posts on this site have been moved over and I’ve hidden all the free download posts here too, so you’ll have to go to my new place if you want to feel the noise 😀 I’m more or less finished with the new layout (any suggestions welcome) and it’s pretty usable from what I can tell. It’s all cosmetic mind, so don’t get overly excited – rest assured that the same low grade witterings from yours truly will still be in full effect. Hopefully the high quality downloads will make up for it.

The kettle’s on standby, see you there.

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